The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon I am uncertain why there is all the shouting about how she is the next JK Rowling. I don't understand the comparison. Yes, there is magic in both worlds, and yes, this is supposed to be a seven book series, like Harry Potter, but aside from some similarities in the way magic battles are written, I don't see what this has to do with Rowling.However, since the comparison has been made over and over, I can't help but compare the two. I liked this book quite bit. I didn't love it really, but I didn't love the first couple HP books either. Liked them, yes, but didn't really fall in love until book 3, so maybe this will be the same for me. There are some similar themes about friendship, loyalty and rebellion, and yes, magic, obviously. I think I would have consistently loved the main character if she weren't sometimes so stupid. Like, she's been told over and over that human weapons won't kill the Rephaim, and yet, she has to be told over and over because she just. . . forgets? This irked me, because Paige is smart and resourceful, and I can only think that the author thinks the audience can't keep up. Since Paige is our entry into this world, she has to "forget" things she has already learned so that the readers can be reminded of them, but the plot is hardly so complicated that we shouldn't be expected to keep up.I'm intrigued by the world and the characters, and will definitely read the next one to see what happens next. I only hope that the comparisons to Rowling prove apt in the sense that Rowling always worked hard to become a better writer, and you can see the progress in her work. If that happens here, then this series has potential.