Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson This book surprised me. For a while I thought it was a solidly 3 star book but was frequently taken aback by unexpected depth and interesting plot movement. Ended up loving it, and look forward to the next one. It's almost as though it was a 3 star book with 5 star moments, so I have hopes the next one will be more consistently awesome. I will warn you though, the audio version has one major issue. It's a narrator I've enjoyed before. She has a nice voice and is a pretty good actor, but poor girl cannot do an accent to save her life. I once tried to listen to a book where she was supposed to be Irish the whole time and couldn't deal, switched to text. This book has a couple of French Canadian accents that one could just grit ones teeth and get through, but there is a major character with a "South African" accent. I wouldn't know that was what that accent was supposed to be if the book hadn't told me.So, overall, give this a read instead of a listen.