Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare If you like a good YA romance and don't hate steampunk, this book is aces. Yes, it fits the typical adolescent-girl-discovers-she-has-powers-and-then-develops-feelings-for-two-different-boys formula, but it's not a bad formula really. It's all about what you do with it. It's only a touch steampunk really, so if you are sick to death of the stuff, it shouldn't necessarily keep you away from this series. Great escapist weekend read. Well-written, and I enjoy all the references to Dickens, gothic novels, etc. I liked the main character and the side characters. The dialogue is good. The PG love scenes are well-written and not painfully saccharine. I previously avoided this author's work do them having some of the worst covers in all YA lit, which is saying a lot about how bad they are. Just google "Mortal Instruments", her other series, and you'll see what I mean. Get her books on your ereader if possible because this shit is embarrassing, but worth a read.