Death of a Supermodel (Fashion Avenue Mysteries, #2) - Christine DeMaio-Rice I love this series. Having grown up on Agatha Christie, I search and search for mystery books that satisfy me in the same way. There are many "cozy" mystery series, and most of them are not worth reading. This one has everything. I love the characters and the setting, but even more importantly, the mystery itself is well-crafted, and exactly how I like it. You have most of the information you need from the beginning, and you might figure some things out along the way, but the author is a master of misdirection. She gives you the information, but cleverly manipulates you so you don't realize the importance of a detail, or you forget about it, and then when it's important you realize you had this clue all along. Since the book has all that going for it, it doesn't necessarily need more. But oh, it has more! Issues of money, class, power and exploitation run through the story, placed so deftly and effortlessly that the mystery is enhanced rather than bogged down by its examination of complex social issues. The relationship between sisters Laura and Ruby reads true, capturing the seemingly contradictory qualities of simplicity and complexity that define what sisters are to each other. On top of all that, it has fascinating details about the fashion industry and some truly excellent swoon factor. I hate that I will have to wait for the next one, and almost wish I hadn't discovered this series until there were at least 6 of them for me to devour.