The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting 2.5 really. I mean, it was better than Twilight, at moments quite good, but not really worthwhile. There were times when the writing was straight out of Sweet Valley High, including the weird fat-shaming that ran through all those books. Other times the author beautifully, vividly captured the feeling of being close to someone you have a crush on, physical attraction, falling in love. A lot of heteronormative bs (and there was A LOT) can be forgiven as these kids are in high school, when such attitudes reign supreme. For a book with a female lead though, a female who you are supposed to see as strong and interesting, there was way too much patriarchal protect-the-poor-wittle-baby-girls running through this for my taste. In fact, it reminded me of Twilight a bit. Decent romance, but nothing special.