Broken Harbour - Tana French A lot of people don't seem to like this as much as her previous books. I do think Scorcher Kennedy is harder to immediately relate to, but for me, that was an added layer of beauty. The first crack in my heart was when he referred to Frank Mackey (star of the previous book) as his "friend". It just killed me. Poor Scorcher, he doesn't really have any friends. Never had a real friend, never could have a real friend, and his quiet hunger for human connection ripped right through me, slowly slowly slowly, but effectively. I find myself thinking about this book frequently, no less so than Tana French's 3 other outstanding novels. Though it is no accident that her stories center around murders and police detectives, they are not procedurals. They are more character studies than anything else though giving them that name similarly limits them. There is no one like Tana French out there that I have found, and I look forward to reading and re-reading her books for the rest of my life. This one I've only read once so far, but the others I've read twice each and will re-read again regularly. They join the ranks of my all-time favorite books because every time I read them, they reveal something new to me, some layer, some gesture that I didn't pay attention to the last time, some line of dialogue that stabs me in a slightly different place than last time. These books leave scar tissue, and they are scars I am proud to carry.