Choke Hold - Christa Faust I tend to rate things within their own genre rather than compared to all the great books of the world. After all, if Nabokov gets five stars, very few writers are equal to Nabokov, and "not being Nabokov" seems like an unfair reason to take a star from someone. Christa Faust is a master of this particular kind of book, and both this and the first in the series, Money Shot are damn near perfect. Gritty, dark, and hard-hitting, with plenty of action and a great plot, these books are traditional noir style in (mostly) conventional (if modernized) noir settings but with a non-traditional protagonist. Former porn actress Angel Dare may get put through the ringer, but she's no victim. Her voice and her story ring true without losing the delightful pulpy feel one wants from a book like this. Highly recommend.