Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor I went back and forth on this rating, The writing is 4 stars all the way, really beautiful. I loved most of it, Karou's life in Prague (especially her awesome best friend), the mystery of her secret life. I just have trouble relating to love stories where the main reason 2 people fall in love is "fate". The last part of the book spent a lot of time on the epic, Romeo and Juliet style love story, and I was less engaged than I had been in the modern parts of the story. On the whole though, I liked it a lot, and will definitely read the next on in the series.*****SPOILER ALERT *********** ***********************************************************************************************************I loved Karou so much, that I'm a little disappointed that she is also this whole other person. I kind of don't want her to have her memory of her past life returned as it makes me feel like I lost Karou and was given this Madrigal person in exchange, and though Madrigal is cool and all, and I guess they are really the same person just raised in different circumstances. I hope I will come to love the new, complete Madrigal/Karou hybrid person.