The Twisted Thread - Charlotte Bacon I liked it, but it was disappointing. Several things felt unresolved and I hate it when the killer turns out to be someone the detectives never even interviewed, that we as an audience have not met. I really hate that! Maybe the guy was at least casually mentioned, but the solution felt cheap and unsatisfying. And what was the deal with the secretary? I admit to skimming a bit towards the end, but I don't remember anything that would explain why she was invested to such a degree that she would assault someone to not be caught paper shredding, in itself not that suspicious. And she was saying she had the boy and begging that guy to help her? Unresolved. And the stuff with the secret society just turned out to be typical mean girl stuff. Maybe that was the point, but it could have been more, I think, and more interesting. I also found Claire's motivations to be less than adequate. What, she was going to prove hypocrisy by the evidence that a teenage boy got her pregnant? So what. Even if he is the headmaster's son, the knowledge that he has been sexually active would hardly surprise anyone. And it was revenge because he broke up with her mom 20 years ago? I guess she blames him for her unstable parenting situation in some way, but even for an angry teenager the logic is muddled to the point of absurdity. I did overall like it, mostly. Will give the author a 2nd chance because I am always looking for good mystery books, and not finding them.